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Youth Classes
Our classes for young people are exciting and educational! We have classes for every age group from infants all the way up to high school. This way, each child can study the powerful Word of God on his or her own level. We are excited about the Bible study curriculum we are using with our young people. At present, we are using a curriculum entitled "Shaping Hearts for God" for all class levels, including both the junior high and high school levels. It is designed to take our children through a study of the entire Bible in three years. Students at every level are learning the basic history of the Bible, important Bible facts and Bible stories that build faith and character. This trimester our theme is "Building Your Life for God: from the Old Testament Prophets."
Parents are especially encouraged to work with their children on the daily Bible reading assignments and other activities included in the workbooks. And since all of our young people are studying the same topic, our curriculum promotes family Bible studies. We hope you will come and learn with us as we try to shape young hearts for God.
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